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Former EXO member Z.Tao has received attention after allegedly showing inappropriate action at an ongoing London fashion show.

On September 19, Victoria’s House held a fashion show for the Versace 2015 S/S collection in London. To this, Z.Tao was invited to attend the event.

However, Z.Tao had arrived late to the event and has cut in front of a female model walking on the runway in order to walk over to his seat.

Chrison writes on his Weibo account, “Huang Z.Tao has achieved a feat at London’s fashion week: After the opening of Versace show, he entered the venue. He had no choice but to blend in the crowd with the models. He walked on the sides of the stage and finds his seat beside Suzy Mekens. When celebrities go to fashion events, they would usually watch the show, however, Tao walks and watched at the same time. Even Anna Wintour does not do this. Who else could beat him?” Along with the post, Chrison also shares a gif and photos on Z.Tao’s arrival at the fashion show.


After the fashion show, the Chinese media had reacted and criticized his actions, saying that the artist’s manners have interfered with the ongoing fashion show.

In response to the criticisms that he has received, Z.Tao explains, “We set off an hour before the fashion show had started. However, the traffic was not that good. We got out of the car and walked close to eight blocks, which is why we were late.”


What are your thoughts on Z.Tao’s actions?