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Singer and actress Yozoh apologizes for calling a friend ‘ugly’ in her comic strip.

Recently, she uploaded a comic strip on her SNS account. In the comic panels, Yozoh potrays herself conversing with a TV show production staff while being in the recording for the show, “Kim Je Dong’s Talk To You – Don’t Worry, Dear.”

The singer notices the jacket which the staff is wearing and tells her that it is cute and that the staff looks like the bunny character in the jacket. The staff then responds that she does not see the similarity, and comments that the bunny is ugly. The singer then says, “You are also ugly.” The staff then remains silent while the singer says, “I guess that you thought you were pretty.”

Yozoh 2

After the comic strip was posted, the singer took it down as many netizens have expressed their discomfort.

Yozoh then posts her apology by saying, “I think that the comic strip which was uploaded yesterday made a few people uncomfortable. I have received a few complaints. In reality, the staff member and I are close enough to make rude jokes like that. In real life, I was almost hit a few things and received a promise of revenge and we were both going to keel over from laughter. Since there were a number of things omitted from the cartoon, it looked like I called her ugly without any thought. This is all because of my carelessness and inexperience.”

She adds, “Being someone who is always sensitive to comments that make fun of people’s weight and looks, I feel sad that I allowed that kind of room for misinterpretation. I apologize for causing misunderstanding.”