Home » Younha reveals that she has recently ended a long-term relationship

Solo artist and radio DJ Younha recently reveals that she has recently broke up with her boyfriend.

On the recent radio show “Blue Night” hosted by SHINee’s Jonghyun, Younha appeared as a special guest.

Jonghyun comments, “When we talk about Younha, I do not think that we can leave out honesty. You are very honest. I think that fans would know that. People who listen to Younha’s radio show must also feel the same. When a celebrity DJ talks about themselves, they can say something which could penalize them. However, you talk about yourself without reservations. Is this just how you are normally?”

She reveals, “I do not think that I see myself as a celebrity. I don’t really know what a celebrity is. I just think that I am a person who lives, sings and often comes on broadcast. I am close to Jonghyun, however, I get the feeling that he is very much a celebrity. It isn’t the way you act, just how I feel when I see you.”

Later, the singer reveals, “I think that I am in a period where I am certain of myself. I recently ended a long-term relationship. This might not be something which I should talk about and people may think that I am being too honest. But, that is just how it is.”

“After that, I had a few months where I had a difficult time, after that, I felt like I was myself. I felt like the main focus of myself was me, which is why I might be focused on how I look as well,” She reveals.