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Soloist Younha responds to her bashers before she closes her Twitter account.

On June 16, Younha tweets, “I will say one more thing before I end this. All of you who I had held dear to my heart, I could not do anything about you turning your backs on me. However, do not look down on the sincerity which I have poured out for all of you. What about my character? My mental condition? All of you who would not be able to say anything if you met me. Erase the category of ‘former’ Younha and just disappear.”

She later adds, “I will be deleting my Twitter account because of all of the blasting in my account. Goodbye.”

Younha also writes on her Instagram account, “It does not matter who is hurt more. When you have to go your separate ways, create a beautiful memory, no matter how small it is. I have always wanted to see all of you. However, I am aware that I will be unable to do so. Someday, this will end too. My stage will also end. But, the memories we have together, let us leave those as good memories since it is true that we have loved each other. Also, the difference in levels is scary. Let us hold hands tightly and take one step at a time together.”

With regards to this issue, Younha’s management reveals, “Younha chose to delete her account when the anti-fans kept attacking her on social media. As her management agency, we are going to monitor her social media account, and we will decide on a response afterward.”