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AOA drummer Youkyung makes her appearance on the group’s first fan meet in three years.

On October 4, AOA made their fan meeting at the Sangmyung Art Center in Seoul. It was their first time meeting their fans in three years since their debut.

The fan meet, “2015 AOA Heart Attack,” started with the group’s debut song “Elvis.” Member Youkyung then made her appearance, thus completing AOA’s full eight-member line-up.

The members then reminisced their last three years of promotions. Afterwards, they performed their hit tracks including, “Mini Skirt,” “Short Hair,” “Like A Cat” and their latest release “Heart Attack.” The fans then requested for an encore stage, to which the group then performed “Get Out” with member Youkyung playing the drums. The group was moved by their fans’ overwhelming support and loyalty that they could not help but tear up during the fan meeting. They have also relayed their gratefulness to the fans and promised to their best.

AOA fanmeet

Youkyung is a drummer and member of the group’s band sub-unit AOA Black along with Jimin as guitarist, ChoA as the main vocal and guitarist, Yuna as the lead vocal and plays the keyboard and with Mina as bassist. When the group performed as a dance group, Youkyung did not participate in the group as she was only interested in playing the drums.

Meanwhile, AOA plans to meet their fans overseas in Taiwan and Hong Kong this coming October 10 and 11.


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