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JYJ member Yoochun has been revealed to be cleared of all sexual assault accusation charges, plus more police reports revealed!

Recently, the Seoul Gangnam police explains, “Since it is hard to prove the use of force, the sexual assault charges are not valid. He will be acquitted.”

However, the police reveals that the nature and code of conduct of the sexual acts between Yoochun and the first woman who pressed charges, known as “A,” to be a solicitation of prostitution. Moreover, since Yoochun has promised to pay her before having sex but failed to do so, he could then be charged with fraud. The police have also confirmed that the DNA found on the underwear of “A” matches Yoochun’s.

The police then investigated the matter and were able to find evidence through restored text messages on the cellphone of “A” since she previously messaged a friend about being promised money for sex with the celebrity.

As a result, the police sent their recommendation of an indictment to the prosecution with charges of solicitation of prostitution and fraud. Also, “A” has been recommended for prostitution charges.

The police also declared that the second complainant’s claims were false. Meanwhile, the third and fourth complainants were not charged with false accusation since the use of force was difficult to prove.

Concerning Yoochun’s charges of false accusation and blackmail against the boyfriend and cousin of “A,” the police acknowledged that the three individuals were guilty of extortion.

With regards to this, C-JeS Entertainment reveals, “We could not acknowledge that the police recommended indictment for charges of solicitation of prostitution since it is totally different from the truth. Once again, we state that there is no truth to the accusation and that we will cooperate with the investigation so that his innocence would be proven.”