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Actor Yoo Seung Ho reveals his thoughts on shedding his ‘nation’s little brother’ image.

On the recent broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV,” Yoo Seung Ho appeared as a special guest to promote his upcoming film “Kim Sun Dal.”

The actor was known for starting in the entertainment industry since he was seven years old. With regards to his title as the ‘nation’s little brother,’ he gives his honest thoughts by saying, “I have worked hard in order to escape my image as a child actor. I did not know that trying to get more adult roles would be this difficult and tiring. I don’t think that I have completely perfected it yet.”

Yoo Seung Ho

He also reveals his thoughts about his sudden decision to enlist for his mandatory military service at the age of 19 by saying, “I originally wanted to become a soldier when I was young. Sacrificing your life for your country seemed very admirable.”

Meanwhile, Yoo Seung Ho made his debut with the drama “Daddy Fish.” He is also known for his roles on the dramas “Queen Seondeok,” “Master of Study,” “Flames of Desire” “Arang and the Magistrate” and “Missing You.”

He made his television comeback from his military service with the drama “Imaginary Cat” which is based on the webtoon of the same name.

His latest movie, “Kim Sun Dal” will be making its premiere in South Korean theaters on July 6.

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