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YG Entertainment responds to the issue of BIGBANG’s Seungri spotted at a club with a female.

Previously, Chinese media has spotted Seungri at a club in Taipei with a female. They have also posted pictures of the BIGBANG member and wrote, “BIGBANG member Seungri has appeared with friends at a club in Taipei, Taiwan. He was holding hands with a beautiful and voluptuous woman.”

The report further revealed that Seungri appeared at a club in Taipei’s Da’an District on September 26 around 1 am. It also revealed that most of them are speaking in Korean.


In the picture posted, Seungri was wearing a casual outfit and a snapback with a female who wears white shirt and has long hair that appeared to be pointing at something. The picture was said to be taken around 3 am when he was leaving the club. It was also reported that he got into a car with another male while the female rode in a different car which followed them. It is said that the woman in the photo is a Chinese student studying in Korea.

In response to the issue concerning the BIGBANG member, a representative of YG Entertainment reveals, “We know that he has spent some of his personal time with his friends at a club after his performance. We know that he did not ride a car with a female.”

The representative further reveals that Seungri had simply enjoyed an after-party with his friends.


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