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YG Entertainment once again clarifies rumors regarding the disbandment of 2NE1.

Previously, the rumors have spread online following 2NE1 member Minzy changes her username on Instagram last year. She changed her username to minzy_mz’ from ‘minzy21_mz’, thus removing the 21 which stands for 2NE1. She has also removed the 2NE1 part in her Twitter biography.

Minzy Twitter

When the rumors of disbandment have spread like wildfire, Minzy then changed her username back to her former username ‘minzy21mz’ as well as the 2NE1 in her twitter biography in order to put the confusion and rumors to rest.

YG Entertainment has also released a statement following the disbandment rumors saying, “2NE1’s disbandment rumor is a ridiculous story.”

However, on June 6, online media outlet Chic News has released an exclusive report saying the 2NE1 is preparing to disband. The article reveals, “YG Entertainment is leaning toward the decision to start preparing for the disbandment of 2NE1.”

The said media also adds that CL has been working hard and prepares for her upcoming US debut while Sandara Park would be focusing on her acting career. There were no details mentioned regarding the two other members, Park Bom and Minzy.

Chic News has also pointed out that Minzy has once again changed her Instagram username to ‘_minzy_mz’ from ‘minzy21mz’ as well as her profile biography to ‘Official Minzy’ from ‘Official 2NE1 Minzy’.

In response to the new rumors of disbandment, YG Entertainment has again released an official statement denying the said rumors.

“The 2NE1 disbandment rumor is not even worth dealing with,” YG reveals.


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