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Yewon reveals the optimism of her former “We Got Married” husband, Super Junior – M’s Henry.

On the recent broadcast of “Happy Together,” Yewon appeared as a special guest.

During the show, Yewon reveals how Henry comforted her following her conflict with actress Lee Tae Im.

She reveals, “Henry is a very positive person. He told me, ‘There are lots of comments about you. It means you are really popular now! You are even getting more comments about you than the president!’”

Host Yoo Jae Suk then asks, “I also heard that he apologized to you?”

Yewon explains, “Henry seemed to be saddened since I looked so disheartened. We met up in a café once and took a photo together. He told me that if he would post it on social media, there might be a lot of nice comments.”

The female star then reveals that there were mean comments instead. “I was okay with it. However, Henry was so worried that I would see them, so he told me that he thought he should remove it,” she adds.

Yewon then goes to reveal that Henry told her he felt bad since he wanted to become a source of strength for her during her difficult times, but had only made things worse. She also revealed that this made her feel even more apologetic towards him.

Meanwhile, the “We Got Married” couple joined the show in March of 2015 and made their exit after three months.

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