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Yeol Moo Concert’ representative addresses 10cm’s Kwon Jung Yeol’s inappropriate comment towards MAMAMOO’s Wheein.

Previously, Kwon Jung Yeol was under fire for allegedly making an inappropriate comment about Whee In during the ‘Yeol Moo Concert.’ Before they performed a cover of Jason Mraz’s “Lucky”, 10cm and Wheein sat down on the chairs on stage. A staff member then brought out a blanket for Whee In to cover the lower part of her body since she was wearing a short skirt. With regards to this, Kwon Jung Yeol then comments, “This could be a great disservice to the male viewers.”

Kwon Jung Yeol and Whee In

His comment created a buzz among netizens as some of them think that it was totally uncalled for.

With regards to the issue, a representative from ‘Yeol Moo Concert’ reveals, “First of all, Kwon Jung Yeol’s comment did not create a big issue on the site at that time. A lot of the audience members reacted to Kwon Jung Yeol’s joke with laughter and Wheein was not too concerned either and even laughed.”

The representative also adds, “Both of the parties are aware of the reactions and criticisms about the joke at the concert. They have both resolved any misunderstandings. Kwon Jung Yeol himself has expressed his apologies and Wheein accepted them.”

Meanwhile, 10cm is known for their songs “What the Spring??,” “Love at Milky Way Coffee Shop,” “October Rain,” and “Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway.”


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