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Wonder Girls’ member Yeeun talks about her relationship with 2AM member and former JYP Entertainment labelmate, Jinwoon.

Previously, it was reported that Yeeun and Jinwoon have been dating for almost three years. According to sources, Yeeun would record the demo version of the songs that she composed while Jinwoon plays the guitar and that the two idols have given each other instruments as gifts.

In response to the dating reports, JYP Entertainment and Mystic Entertainment gave a joint statement, revealing:

“The two artists who have music as the common denominator turned into lovers from being friends since the start of 2014. They are still continuing their beautiful love even now that Jinwoon has moved to Mystic Entertainment.”

Both agencies also reveal that the couple is supporting each other in their own musical pursuits and are continuing their relationship as a ‘musician couple.’ The companies also asked for the love and support of the public for the pair.

Following the confirmation Yeeun and Jinwoon’s relationship, the Wonder Girls member then had a phone interview with media outlet Ilgan Sports, revealing, “I do not know what to say since I am sorry to the fans. I was really worried. However, I am glad that there are a lot of fans who are giving me courage.”

She adds, “I am very cautious since the fans might have been hurt for a long time. Jinwoon is a great person.”


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