Home » Yang Jung Won gossips about Hyosung’s alleged cosmetic surgery on radio broadcast

Fitness instructor Yang Jung Won was caught gossiping about SECRET member Hyosung’s alleged cosmetic surgery on a live radio broadcast.

On the June 16 broadcast of SBS PowerFM’s “Bae Sung Jae’s 10,” Yang Jung Won appears as a special guest.

DJ Bae Sung Jae asks her, “You have a gum complex right?” The fitness instructor then clarifies that her gums are a complex of hers, but she is trying to think of it as a charming feature instead.

The DJ then adds, “Jun Hyosung and Han Sun Hwa call themselves as ‘gum fairies.’ Who do you think is the best among the two of them?” Yang Jung Won got taken aback with the question and laughed in embarrassment.

After which, DJ Bae Sung Jae plays a song. Yang Jung Won, who believed that her microphone was turned off, suddenly says “I think that Jun Hyosung had cosmetic surgery. Now, it does not show.”

A staff then asks, “What surgery?”

sbs powerfm yang jung won

Yang Jung Won then responds, “I think that she did gum surgery here or something else. I have recently looked at her SNS, and it was gone. A lot of people asked me why I am not getting cosmetic surgery.”

A staff then asks, “How do you do gum surgery?” Yang Jung Won then responds, “They say that you can tear above and raise the teeth or tear it from the inside…” She then realizes that what she was saying is being broadcasted live, to which she exclaims, “Ah! Are people listening to this now? Is my voice audible?” DJ Bae Sung Jae then explains, “It is audible.”

The fitness instructor then gets embarrassed and says, “Why did you not tell me beforehand?”