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duipfrWoollim Entertainment who merged recently with SM Entertainment’s SM C&C and where Infinite, Tasty, and Nell came from will release their newest artists in a kpop girl group!

The girl group is rumored to be named as “Radiance” with 8 members. The girl group has been training for 5 years and some of them released solo projects before. The members are rumored to be the Baby Soul, Yoo Ji Ae, Jin, and Lee Mi Joo who acted in INFINITE‘s “Last Romeo” Music Video and also Seo Ji So a Woollim trainee is also rumored to be part of the group. Singer Yoon Sang is also reported to be the producer for the whole album of the rookie group.

65woollim girl

Woollim Entertainment also confirmed the news to Newsen(media outlet), stating:

“Woollim’s girl group will make their debut early next month. We ask that you anticipate and support to it.”


Another rookie group to look forward to! What are you expecting for this group? Do you want a cute or sexy concept? Let’s wait and see for their teasers soon to be released!