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Woollim Entertainment revealed that they are shocked after the Chinese duo Tasty announces their new Chinese single.

On July 21, Tasty announced on their official Weibo account, that they would be releasing their new single in China on July 26. Along with the announcement of the new single, the teaser photos of both members Daeryong and Soryong were also posted.


In response to Tasty’s announcement, Woollim Entertainment reveals, “We are shocked and dumbfounded.”

Previously, the Chinese duo which debuted under Woollim Entertainment last 2012 has announced through their Weibo account that they would not be continuing their activities in Korea anymore.

On July 15, the duo posts, “Hello, this is Daeryong and Soryong. We are announcing that after eight years, our time in Korea has come to an end. They were a lot of things which we could not negotiate with our company. After much consideration, we have reached this decision.”

“Although our time in Korea has come to an end, we would not stop making music,” the duo adds.

Later, Woollim Entertainment responded that Tasty’s decision on halting Korean activities was unilateral. They also revealed that a new song has already been recorded and that the duo was supposed to make a comeback in June in both Korea and China.

“But then we have confirmed that Daeryong and Soryong had left for China without any notice. Afterwards, they have cut off communications with the agency,” Woollim Entertainment reveals.

Tasty then refutes Woollim Entertainment’s statement and reveals, “We told you about the things that we did not understand, and told us that the company understands. Saying that we suddenly disappeared and that it is unilateral… We don’t understand.”

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