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Who are the Wonder Girls?

The Wonder Girls is a girl group that was formed in South Korea. The names of the five members are; Yu Bin, Sun Ye, Ye Eun, So Hee, and Hye Lim. Yu Bin is twenty two years old and the name she was given at birth was Kim Yoo Bin. There used to be a member by the name of Hyuna that she replaced. Hyuna left the group because she was having some issues that were related to her health. Yu Bin is the rapper of the group. Sun Ye is twenty one years old. Her birth name is Min Seon Ye and her nick name is Sun. She is the main vocalist. Ye Eun is twenty one as well. She was given the name Park Ye Eun when she was born. She is better known as Yenny. She is one of the lead vocalists as well. So Hee is one of the babies in the group. She is just eighteen years old. She was given the name Ahn So Hee when she was born. She is a vocalist and the Lead Dancer of the group. Then there is the other baby of the group who is also eighteen, Hye Lim. She was born as Woo Hye Rim. Her nick name was made into a very simple one, Lim. She is the member of the group who replace the former member known as Sun Mi. She is not one of the main vocalists.

The Group itself have produced one album, and that was in 2007. The name of that album was the Wonder years. Some of the songs that were on this album were; I wanna, Stupid, Tell Me, Friend, Headache, So What, Wishing on a Star, Move, Take It, Goodbye, Bad Boy, and some other songs. They have received some awards for some of the songs that are on that album. They got an award for Irony and Tell Me in 2007. In 2008, they received five awards for the song Nobody and they recieved one award for the song So Hot. In 2009, they received three more awards for the song Nobody.

The beginning of this groups career began in the MTV Studios. They Had their own show for a little while that depicted what it would be like to live the life that they lived. They officially came out as a group in 2007 in South Korea on Show! Music Core.