Home » Wonder Girls’ Yubin shed tears after her diss battle with SISTAR’s Hyorin on “Unpretty Rapstar 2”

Wonder Girls’ rapper Yubin was unable to hold back her tears following her diss battle with SISTAR’s Hyorin on Mnet’s “Unpretty Rapstar 2.”

On the October 9 broadcast of the female rap survival show, Yubin went head-to-head with Hyorin in a diss rap showdown. The particular match drew a lot of attention from the viewers since it is a battle between two idol group members.

On the first round, the two female rappers engaged in a fierce battle.

Yezi comments on Yubin’s rap, “It is my first time seeing her rap in an offense mode. It was very new.”

Meanwhile, Truedy compliments on Hyorin’s rap by saying, “I have decided not to act cheeky in front of Hyorin anymore. She was really cool.”

However, in the second round, Yubin makes some mistakes on her performance. The guest judges Dok2 and The Quiett then selects Hyorin as the winner.

In the interview, Yubin becomes upset and bursts into tears. She then says, “People are going to say that I am a rapper who lost to a vocalist. It hurts my pride honestly.”

Yubin 2

She then took to her Instagram account and explains, “The burden turned into nervousness, and again I was not able to show you everything that I have prepared. I am really trying hard not to cry but I am a cry baby so I could not stop myself. keke. I will try harder! A mission is just a mission, let us not misunderstand.”

What are your thoughts on Yubin and Hyorin’s battle?