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Wonder Girls member Yenny talks about whether she regrets the group’s promotions to America.

On the recent showcase of Wonder Girls’ ‘Reboot’ on August 3, Yenny addressed the sensitive topic.

She reveals “A lot of people do not believe it, but it is true that I had no regrets regarding the advancement of the group to United States. It was a precious time for me. There were a lot of memories that remain from the point, like us eating sesame leaves, seaweed, ramen and going on tour guides are vivid.”

“Back then, there was no such thing as free time. When I wake up in the morning, I would have to go somewhere, go somewhere else for a short time, etc. Because of that, time is more blurry. Being in America was a time where I was really able to think over what I have really liked and what I have wanted to do,” she adds.

Yenny also reveals, “If I am told that we should go back to the United States, it could be scary, however, putting down what I had that time, I had felt no burden or fear. I feel that because there was that time, I have even less fear in trying to do new things, such as a band.”

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Meanwhile, Wonder Girls has recently made their comeback as a four member band with the title track, “I Feel You”.


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