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Wonder Girls members talk about living alone instead of their dorm.

On the recent broadcast of “Park Ji Yoon’s FM Date,” the members of Wonder Girls appeared as special guests to promote their new comeback for “Why So Lonely.”

In the radio show, they talked about their experience with regards to living alone.

Yeeun shares, “It has been almost two years since all the four members have lived together. Right now, we have all gained independence and are living on our own. Sunmi is the type who would not leave her house. Now that she lives alone, she tends to get lonely which is why she leaves her home a bit more these days.”

Sunmi then adds, “Recently, I have watched a film by myself. I watched ‘The Handmaiden.’ The movie was so pretty.”

She also adds, “I am the type who does not even stick my nose out of my house. It is a bit lonely whenever I am eating.”

Hyelim then reveals, “I wanted to try living by myself. I have never tried living alone. Right not, my mother is living with me for a bit.”

Meanwhile, Wonder Girls have released their new single “Why So Lonely” and the song achieved an all-kill on South Korea’s real-time music charts. The music video was then released on July 1.

Check out Wonder Girls’ “Why So Lonely” music video below!

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