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WINNER discusses their rivalry with labelmate and rookie group iKON.

On the recent interview at a café in Seoul for their recent mini album “EXIT:E,” WINNER talks about their labelmate iKON, to which they reveal, “Among us, we are really friendly, however, people see us as rivals. Among us, we just think of it as a friendly competition.”

With regards to iKON having their first exclusive concert before their senior group WINNER, the group shares, “To be honest, when we heard about it, we thought that we would get a stomach ache. But, we ended up seeing iKON’s exclusive concert stage through a video. They were so cool that we had nothing to say.”

The group also reveals, “Since we had a busy schedule, we were unable to personally go to their concert. We really wanted to go. In the end, it feels like both WINNER and iKON are in a win-win situation. Of course, we also have our own exclusive concert planned.”

With regards to their Japan tour last year, the group reveals, “While we meet with a lot of our Japanese fans, the assessment about us has improved. It was a great opportunity for the group to give a shot at getting a good experience. We would probably have more tours soon. I think that this time, we would be able to fly. We have become confident.”

Meanwhile, the group has recently released their mini album “EXIT:E.” with the lead tracks, “Baby Baby” and “Sentimental.”


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