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Watch out fans of Big Bang!!!. In an exclusive report by Ilgan SportsBig Bang might be coming back soon!

On February 12,YG Entertainment‘s Yang Hyun Suk disclosed to the media outlet that “YG’s first batter of 2015 will be Big Bang.  They plan to release a new album in April.

This will be their first album  since ‘Still Alive‘ was dropped three years ago in June, 2012!

Chief Yang said, “iKON and WINNER are working on things, as well, but our first batter this year is Big Bang.  It’s burdensome to say so, but I listened to Big Bang’s new song, which the members worked on yesterday.  I liked it more than any other Big Bang song up to this point.

My heart was fluttering when I listened to their new song.  I was in such a good mood listening to Big Bang music for the first time in a long time.
For sure he knows how to get the excitement rising!  “Big Bang’s endurance and music-related ideas from ten years [of their career] have now ripened to their best state to become an album that emits light,” he continued.  I thought with certainty, ‘This is why they’re Big Bang; this is why they’re YG’s eldest.’  Not only is their title good but also all the other songs.”

Yang Hyun Suk stated that, “It’s a product that fans really looked forward to and awaited.  Of course, I likewise had big expectations.  I’m satisfied because the results are good.  I even want to compliment and respect Big Bang as artists. 

Their younger brothers, WINNER and iKON, are, as expected, working diligently right now.  Big Bang’s new album is really good, so they’re probably going to cut off the start to a huge success in a good mood.  There are high expectations.”

Fans I think you’re pretty much excited.