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VIXX reveals their goals for 2016 in their recent interview.

Recently, VIXX sat down for an interview with media outlet Naver Star News to which the members talked about their goals for 2016.

Ravi reveals, “Even though I always say this, I would like to show my best as a rapper and producer. I want to show off what I could do through music and performance.”

Leo also responds, “As VIXX, I would like to achieve more than we did last year. As for myself, I want to do well in my upcoming ‘MATA HARI’ musical.”

Hongbin answers, “This year, I want to take on the challenge of acting in a movie.”

N also reveals, “I was cast as a lead in a web drama. I want to do well most especially since the responsibility of being a main character is heavy. I want to do well both as an actor and a singer.”

Hyuk then says, “If I get the chance, I would like to take on musicals or acting roles and variety roles just like the other members. As a singer, I want to work hard in producing my own music to be able to showcase the maknae’s musical color to our fans.”

Lastly, Ken reveals, “If I am being greedy, I would like for VIXX to land a CF. And personally, I want to appear on SBSRunning Man,’ to which N has recently invited.”

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