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f(x) member Victoria talks about her dating rumor with Chinese actor Yang Yang.

On her recent interview with Chinese media outlet Jinghwa Times, Victoria talks about the premiere of her movie, “My Sassy Girl 2” and briefly opens up about her dating rumor.

When asked about having a sassy side in real life, she reveals, “There is a wild side in reality. But, I also have a side overflowing with aegyo which is usually seen in variety shows.”

With regards to her ideal type, Victoria reveals, “I like someone who is gentle and is also strong.”

When asked about her recent dating rumor with Yang Yang, she responds, “I think that it is common for a rumor to occur when a male and female actor work on a project together. There is also a high possibility of becoming friends while working together. A scandal could or could not arise. If it does, there is nothing which I could do about it, and I consider it as an interest in me.”

Victoria was then asked, “Aren’t there some fans who hope that you and Yang Yang are actually a couple.” She then replies, “If the fans like this couple and find it precious, it is nice as is.”

victoria and yang yang

Meanwhile, Victoria and Yang Yang would both be starring in the upcoming film, “Confirmation of Strange Fates.” The rumored couple also share the same management agency in China.


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