Home » Verbal Jint and San E apologizes after the “Show Me The Money 4″ elimination controversy

Following the controversial elimination episode involving Verbal Jint and San E’s team, both have relayed their apology.

On the previous episode of Mnet’s rap survival battle “Show Me The Money 4″, Verbal Jint and San E decided to eliminate contestant Black Nut stating that he was not able to overcome his stage fright and have kept his sunglasses and rapped with his eyes closed. They have kept contestant Hanhae instead, although he had made a mistake during their performance.

Later on, both producers have reflected on their decision and have decided to keep Black Nut on the team and Hanhae to be eliminated instead.

Verbal Jint and San E then posts their apology through San E’s official Facebook account on August 1, “The broadcast of “Show Me the Money 4” aired yesterday was 100% a real situation and it was not edited by the producers of the show.”

Verbal Jint and San E apology

“The first decision that we have made during the team mission was contradicting to the consistency which we had been determined to maintain when we have initially made the decision on joining “Show Me The Money 4″. We have realized our contradiction too late and have brought the situation too far by retracting our decision. We are embarrassed and sincerely apologetic,” they add.

They also wrote, “We sincerely apologize to everyone who was affected due to our incompetencies, everyone on Zico and Paloalto’s team, to Black Nut and Hanhae, the production team, the contestants and all of the viewers.”

Finally, they wrote, “We have thought that we would continue to regret what has happened if we did not apologize, despite the protests from acquaintances, so we are leaving this message. Once again, we sincerely apologize.”