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UNIQ member Seungyoun reveals his audition experiences for the big three, SM, JYP and YG.

On the idol’s recent interview with Xports News, he shared, SM Entertainment holds weekly auditions. I went in once in 2 weeks. SM would always tell me to stay after the audition. However, I never made it. I am still curious as to why they told me to stay.”

He added, “As for JYP Entertainment, I do not think that I was able to show all of me since I got intimidated watching the other participants warming up. I was able to make it at YG Entertainment and became a trainee for a year and a half. I learned a lot during my training and my skills improved as well.”

Seungyoun then revealed, “UNIQ is a Chinese-Korean collaboration group by YG and Yuehwa Entertainment. Sungjoo hyung and I, who were both YG trainees, joined the team. The debut preparation happened at YG’s training center. So, we practiced with WINNER and iKON. During my free time, I used to hang out and rap with Bobby hyung.”

Meanwhile, aside from his promotions with UNIQ, Seungyoun has also pursued a solo career. He appeared on “Show Me the Money 5” and later released his solo debut with the track, “Recipe” featuring Flowsik.

Seungyoun is also a member of the project group, M.O.L.A along with 15&’s Jimin and rapper Nathan. They released their debut track, “My Way” in August last year and their follow-up track, “Trick or Treat” in October 2015.


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