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Girl group Unicorn reveals their inspirations behind their debut on their recent interview.

On the group’s recent interview and photo shoot with International bnt, the members talked about how they got to debut.

Yoojin revealed, “I really liked animals. I have dreamed of becoming a veterinarian or an animal trainer. However, what I was best at was dancing. Still, now that I am member of a girl group, I would like to appear on ‘TV Animal Farm.’”

Rumin then shared, “I wanted to become a singer. Since I was young, I practiced the arm-wave and watched BoA’s training videos. I then became interested in rapping and was offered an opportunity to audition for ‘Unpretty Rapstar 3’ as I was preparing to debut. However, I refused the offer since I do not have a strong mentality and was scared of the survival program.”

“I liked singing. However, I was scared to ask for my parents’ support and could not express my desire. However, when I watched a BIGBANG concert, I found myself cheering in the audience and asked myself what I was doing. Then, I started to go to a vocal training school ever since. My parents did not oppose my pursuit,” Gayoung stated.

The group made their debut back in September of 2015 as a five-member group with “Huk,” however, member Winnie then left the group due to health issues. In July of this year, the group then made their comeback as a four-member group with the single, “Blink Blink.”


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