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After School member Uee and actor Lee Sang Yoon has been revealed to be dating!

Previously, the couple Uee and actor Lee Sang Yoon was rumored to be in a relationship. An entertainment industry source reveals that they got to know each other early this year through a gathering and have started to date each other. Although they have just dated recently, the couple is said to be not hiding the fact that they are dating each other.

Uee and Lee Sang Yoon

The two had posed for a photo during the “MAMA” in Hong Kong last December, however, it has been said that they were not acquaintances at that time.

Moreover, another source who is said to be close to the couple, reveals, “UEE and Lee Sang Yoon enjoy dates like any other ordinary couple, and they affectionately take care of each other. The two of them look like models, so they have been envied amongst other celebrities who call them as the ‘long-legged couple.’ They argue just like other couples. But, the arguments did not last long. They are growing their love while taking care of each other and trusting each other.”

With regards to this rumor, UEE’s management label, Pledis Entertainment reveals to media outlet OSEN, “UEE and Lee Sang Yoon started to date at the beginning of this year and their relationship is progressing very well. Please give them your support.”


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