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U-Kiss is a South Korean boy band that is consists of seven members. The group was formed in the year 2008 under the management company of NH Media. The member of the band includes Shin Soohyun, Elison Kim or most known as Eli, Kevin Woo, Shin Dongho, Lee Kiseop, Hoon and Aj (both had just joined the group in the year 2011). The name U-KISS stands for Ubiquitous Korean International (Idol) Super Star. They had debuted in Japan on 15th of August, 2008 and in 28th of August, 2008 in SOuth Korea. In the late 2009, the six member group had turned to seven when Lee Kiseop was added. The group had already release one full length album, five mini albums and a couple of singles. Their first album was released on the 3rd of February, 2010.On the 18th of January, 2010, the group had opened their official fan club and named it as KissMe.

Even before the group had released their first full length album, the group was starred in MBC new variety show titled, U-KISS Vampire. The show was premiered on the 22nd of January, 2010. The members had moved into a dormitory and stayed there for the whole filming. They were divided into groups according to their own bloodtypes.Alexander , Kibum ,Eli and Kevin were grouped as Blood Type O. Soo Hyun and Kiseop were grouped as Blood Type A. Dong Ho, the maknae (youngest member) was the only one with Blood Type B.

The group was also casted in a reality show called Chef’s Kiss in which they opened a real restaurant and named it U-KISSteak house. In each week, they were splited into teams and gave cooking challenges to know which team should be able to cook for that week. The show was last aired on 30th of July, 2010. The members Shin Dongho, Eli and Kis Seop was also casted for MBC every1’s special new sitcom called Real School. This show is a 40 episode long and the three members will be playing the role of three high school students who are boarded in an English Village for an attempt to crack their fear of speaking English. The pilot episode of the show was aired on the 10th of January, 2011.

Member Dongho is also acting for his first drama, Royal Family in which he will act as Jo Byung Joon. The singer had also played several roles in films which includes Villain and Widow and My Black Mini Dress.

Much to dismay of all the fans, members Alexander and Kibum had left the band as of 23rd of February, 2011. A couple of days after that, NH Media had introduces two new members for the group which are Kim Jae Seop and Yeo Hoon Min. Kim Jae Seop is most known as AJ. Before he become a member of the group, he was part of the Soth Korean boyband Paran. Alongside with this two new members, the group made a comeback on the 30th of March with their title track, 0330.