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TWICE member Tzuyu talks about his Korean skills and the perks of being a maknae.

During a recent “V” app live broadcast, Tzuyu appeared as a special guest where she opens up about how she learns Korean and the advantages of being the youngest member of the group.

She confesses, “Korean is still difficult for me. Whenever I appear on TV shows, the words used by senior artists on the show are often tough to understand. A lot of people advised me to watch Korean dramas and films to be more proficient in Korean which is why I am trying to watch them frequently.”

With regards to being the maknae of TWICE, Tzuyu shares, “They are all unnies to me. It also seems like that they are trying to take care of me and treat me better since I came from abroad.”

Tzuyu also talks about how she got to debut as a singer by saying, “I did think not that much when I was young that I had to debut as a singer. I have always like singing and dancing. My friends also liked K-Pop which is why I naturally became interested in it.”

She adds, “At some point, I came to realize that I wanted to become a singer after all. While promoting with TWICE, I wanted to try a concept where we could wear luxurious and pretty dresses. Marriage is still far from me, but I would really want to wear a pretty dress.”


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