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The social media site Twitter has revealed as to why a photo of CNBLUE’s Yonghwa can be seen on their login page.

Recently, many netizens were wondering as to why Yonghwa’s photo has been feature on the site for over a year.

The photo is question is taken from the set of Yonghwa’s drama “The Three Musketeers” which was uploaded by Yonghwa’s management agency FNC Entertainment on September of 2014 through their Twitter account. Actors Woo Hyun and Kim Sun Young also appear on the photo along with the CNBLUE member while wearing their hanboks and flashing their peace signs to the camera.

Moreover, the photo has also appeared on a scene of the recent drama, “She Was Pretty.”

In order to give light to the netizens’ wonder, a reporter from Ten Asia directly asked the social media site regarding why they used Yonghwa’s photo on their site’s login page.

A Twitter representative then reveals, “The photos used on the log-in page change randomly. We have decided to use this photo of Jung Yonghwa since he is wearing a traditional Korean hanbok and since it fits very well with Korea’s image. There are many K-Pop fans on Twitter, and from all the K-Pop artists’ accounts that we have seen, this picture represents Korea the best. Not just in Korea, the photo could be seen on our website worldwide.”

It seems our question has now been answered!


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