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TWICE member Jungyeon reveals how her sister actress Gong Seung Yeon supports her.

On the April 27 broadcast of MBC FM 4U’s “Tei’s Dreaming Radio,” rookie girl group TWICE appeared as special guests. The group talks about their comeback song “Cheer Up” and member Jungyeon talks about how her sister supports her and her group.

With regards to their first place spot on music charts, the members reveal, “We still could not believe it. We have been looking up music charts over and over again since it is so unreal and feels like a dream.”

When radio host Tei asks them if JYP Entertainment CEO Park Jin Young gives them any advice with regards to their comeback, TWICE then reveals, “We have not been able to see him since the release of our comeback song. However, he told us before that it would go well.”

The group was then asked if Park Jin Young complimented them while recording, to which member Jungyeon reveals, “I did not receive any praises.”

One listener then asks Jungyeon if she had listened to the radio episode where her sister Gong Seung Yeon appeared as a special guest, to which Jungyeon responds, “I was shooting a music video then, however, I made sure to listen to it. I also heard her say that she would like to have Tzuyu as her sister.”

She adds, “I heard that she bought our albums with her own money and gave them as presents to her drama staff.”

Meanwhile, Gong Seung Yeon is currently appearing in the new KBS2 drama, “Master: God of Noodles.”