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First generation idol group Turbo revealed to be making their comeback after 14 years!

On November 15, a music insider reveals that singer and variety star Kim Jong Kook began recording for an album under Turbo. Later, it was then revealed that members Kim Jung Nam and Mikey have also participated in the recording with the popular producer Duble Sidekick as the producer of the album.

Currently, Turbo’s comeback album is in its early stage and would be released in December. It would then be Turbo’s official comeback after 14 years since their disbandment in 2001.

The first generation idol group made their debut as a duo in 1995 with members Kim Jong Kook and Kim Jung Nam. Later, Mikey was then added to the group in 1999.

In 2001, the group disbanded following Kim Jong Kook’s contract expiration and with Mikey’s visa also expiring. Kim Jong Kook then pursued a solo career while Mikey then became a part of the group M3.

The group was popular from mid to late 1990s, even selling millions of their albums. They are known for their songs, “New Sensation,” “Born Again,” “Perfect Love,” and “E-Mail My Heart.”

The group’s best-of album ‘REBOOT: THE BEST’ was also released on January of this year which contains their hit songs from their 5 albums as well as bonus tracks.

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