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Rumors of a possible conflict between Secret members Sunhwa and Hana have raised following Sunhwa’s recent tweets regarding Hana’s comments about her.

On June 2, Sunhwa posted a screen capture of Hana from the recent episode of Mnet’s ‘Yaman TV’, “Three years ago, the members all went out to get drinks because of the atmosphere between the members. At that time, I talked about how disappointed I am because of the ‘pretty airhead image’ that I have, but I guess Hana thought of it as ‘has a lot of objections against the world.’”

Sunhwa then posted another tweet saying, “Actually, we only drank once together.”


sunhwa tweet

Sunhwa made the tweets in response to Hana’s statement when she was asked about Sunhwa’s drinking habits. Hana reveals, “When Sunhwa drinks, she has a lot of objections against the world. She complains and complains.”

After Sunhwa’s tweets, she also posted in Secret’s fan café regarding her dissatisfaction regarding Hana’s comment about her.

“Contrary to what the fans are thinking, this situation is similar to a ‘hidden picture’ game. Instead of posting about it because I was offended, I made the post because the comment ‘has a lot of objections against the world’ stunned me. I know that entertainment is entertainment but I opened up to Hana before because I wanted to ask for her advice as I was having a hard time,” Sunwha writes.

“I am only posting this in order to let the fans know that there are other things that you are not aware of,” Sunhwa continues.

TS Entertainment then released an official statement regarding the conflict rumor and said that there is no conflict regarding the two members. Sunhwa only posted her words out of concern for Hana.

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