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Rapper Truedy talks about being compared to rapper Yoon Mi Rae.

On a recent interview, Truedy reveals, “A lot of people have been wondering. To be honest, I was really hurt. However, I gained a lot more. I am thankful each day.”

The female rapper also reveals that a lot has happened and feels frustrated that she could not tell her fans about it. She says, “The more that I got frustrated, the more I worked on music. I think that I was working on music for five days in a week. It is not only powerful music but happy music as well. There are also catchy mainstream genres.”

With regards to the hate and criticisms that she received during her appearance on “Unpretty Rapstar 2,” Truedy shares, “There was a controversy about my character. Since it was my first time to appear on TV, I felt pressured to fit the bill of a ‘fierce rapper.’ Right now, I realize that it was all of my fault. I am trying to forget all of it and just work hard on rapping.”

With regards to her similarities to Yoon Mi Rae, she reveals, “She is a musician that I really like. I am a big fan that looks forward to her new music. Back in ‘Unpretty Rapstar’ many rappers would diss me and compare me to Yoon Mi Rae. I cried a lot. Hearing people say that I was copying Yoon Mi Rae brought tears to my eyes. Since I listened to her music a lot, I was influenced by her in so many ways. I have a long way to go. Yoon Mi Rae would also be a celebrity to me.”