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From their posts on their Instagram account , fans are making rumors about these two  celebrity being a couple.  TEEN TOP‘s Chanjo and GLAM‘s Jiyeon were being rumored  as a couple but TOP Media spoke and denied all the issue.

Photos seen above shows that they are certainly in a relationship, as a couple,  evidenced by the same background views and even fans got noticed of the same rings on their fingers. The photos also showed that they were both in the same cafeteria , undeniably the same hashtags  that these two idols used in their Instagram account. Its pretty obvious that this cafeteria is popular for idol’s hangouts which can also be deleted or changed their background views  just to change the atmosphere. Changjo had hashtagged “#noonnoonana”, while Jiyeon had written “Nyeunnoonanna” on hers.

In response to this , TOP Media stated, “After we confirmed with Changjo, we have found out that the rumors are false. We’re not sure why such rumors even came about in the first place… They are just simply internet rumors.”

A friend  close to Jiyeon responded to this rumor , “I can’t get into contact with Jiyeon right now, but since trainee days Jiyeon has been friends with TEEN TOP. So she and the members probably met up a few times sometimes while they were promoting. However, I can’t currently confirm with her about the dating rumors.”

Now their Instagram pages were made in private , thus some speculations maybe true. If you are a celebrity, would you want to hide your privacy or to see your account publicly ? Anyway, there’s always these fans  that you owe your way to stardom.