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Tiger JK believes that his wife Yoon Mi Rae could have made it big if she had signed with either of the top 2 companies in the entertainment industry YG and SM Entertainment.

The royalties of Korean hip hop, husband and wife Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae sat down for an interview and photo shoot in the July issue of @star1.

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During the interview, Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae were asked if they were happy, to which Yoon Mi Rae reveals, “I am very happy currently since I have the people I love around me as I pursue music.”

Tiger JK then adds, “I am always regretful, she could have really made it big if she has signed with either SM or YG Entertainment.”

Yoon Mi Rae was then asked which of her songs was her favorite, she responds with, “I actually find it hard to pick one. I would like to go on a Karaoke room myself and sing every song while disregarding the beat and note like a crazy person.”

She laughs at her answer then she looks at Tiger JK and told him, “We will have to visit one in the near future.”


Meanwhile, Yoon Mi Rae held a photo shoot with MAC in their new color collection ‘Le Disko’ under the theme ‘Do the DISKO’ for the July issue of @star1.

In the interview, she also reveals her lifestyle as a mom and as wife as well as her future plans as a singer.


What do you think of Yoon Mi Rae joining either SM Entertainment or YG Entertainment?