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Girls’ Generation member Tiffany writes another letter of apology concerning her recent social media controversy.

Tiffany writes:

“Hello, this is Tiffany.

After making a huge mistake, I was not able to muster the courage to make a sincere apology for ten days after I wrote you a lacking apology letter.

First of all, I ask for your forgiveness for being late and having a fearful and trembling heart. I will do my best to make a sincere apology to all of you.

On the Independence Day of Korea, I made a mistake of posting a design which included the Rising Sun Flag. I have made a mistake which should not have been made when thinking of the meaning of Independence Day.

I wasn’t knowledgeable about the history of the Rising Sun Flag and was not sensitive to the history of that pain. I apologize for breaking your hearts because of my carelessness and horribleness. I bow my head in apology to all of those who believed in me and cheered me.

I have been able to make music due to your support and love until now, and I am thankful for that. But, despite being loved by all of you, I did not know basic Korean history well. I am embarrassed that I did not study in more detail.

Although I have always been thankful and felt pride as a singer who spread the Korean culture, I have come to realize how much more I need to be responsible and study. I will not forget that responsibility as a person who is in the public eye.

I would like to apologize once again for causing concern during Independence Day due to a mistake I made. After realizing that mistake, the quick apology which I wrote at the airport was not careful and I am sorry for how lacking it was. I have spent each day regretting and feeling sorry for losing the chance to give a sincere apology, It is late, but I hope that my sincerity is delivered.

This incident has let me know about what is important. Now on, I will do my best and study the things that are more important than singing and dancing.”

Previously, she has written a letter of apology following the incident and decided to leave her variety show, “Unnie’s Slam Dunk.”