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Thunder formerly of MBLAQ talks about his love for Rain and days with his former group.

In a recent interview with Ilgan Sports in promotion for his solo debut, Thunder reveals that he is already worried about his next release. He explained, “I learned a lot when Rain hyung was our producer. He is really big on effort. He remains to be a hyung that I admire, and he is the king of effort. He would often say, ‘When you are done preparing for an album that means that it is time to prepare for your next release.’”

When asked if he still meets up with Rain, Thunder responded, “I saw him once while I was preparing for this album. I also saw him at a concert this year. However, I was not able to talk to him for too long.”

Thunder was then asked if he misses his former group, MBLAQ, or if he has any regrets. He then shared, MBLAQ comes to my mind often, not because of any regret but because it is a good memory. There are lots of fans that I met because of MBLAQ. It remains a beautiful memory.”

Meanwhile, Thunder and former fellow member Lee Joon withdrew from the group in December of 2014 following their contract expiration. He has recently made his solo debut with a self-titled album along with the promotional track, “Sign” which features Hara.

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