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In light of TEEN TOP member Niel’s recent dating rumor, TEEN TOP temporarily deletes all of their personal SNS accounts.

On July 1, TEEN TOP leader C.A.P. made an update on their official fan café regarding the temporary deletion of their SNS accounts which made the fans worry.

C.A.P. apologized to fans for the issues regarding SNS and have revealed that the Twitter and Instagram accounts which are used by TEEN TOP members would be deleted temporarily and that they would be updating fans through the official TEEN TOP account.

He also promised the fans that they would be using their accounts again in the future to communicate with them and assured them that the group would try hard to avoid the same issue from happening again in the future. C.A.P. also thanked the fans for their support and understanding.

Recently, Niel has been involved in a dating rumor with a female non-celebrity after the fans have noticed their interaction on their own Instagram accounts. The fans have also discovered links on their personal accounts which are said to be bracelets and other personal items that the two shared.

Previously, TOP Media has denied the rumors stating that they were groundless.

“The rumor of Niel being in a relationship is not true. The rumor is absolutely unfounded,” the agency reveals.

TOP Media also continued that the members are currently focusing on their comeback and their own activities.


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