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As reported by media outlet MyDaily, Tao (Huang Zitao) has set up his own studio in China.

According to the media outlet, Tao has made his one-man agency called as, “Huang Z.TAO Studio” on June 11 in China. It has been revealed that he plans to continue his activities as a solo artist in China. His decision in setting up a personal studio in China led fans to believe that it is a confirmation that he would be withdrawing from EXO.

An official Weibo account has also been made. The post reads, “Hello! This is Huang Z.Tao studio. Starting now, updates regarding Huang Zitao will be posted here.”

Weibo Tao

Tao has been currently experiencing conflicts with his agency SM Entertainment since his father had written a letter stating that he wants Tao to be out of EXO to be able to take care of his health properly. Since then, Tao has not been present in the group’s promotional activities since April when they were promoting “Call Me Baby” since his foot injury became worse. He was also not included in EXO’s “Love Me Right” promotion for their repackaged album.

SM Entertainment has then revealed that they are doing negotiations with Tao and that they are doing their best to keep him in EXO.

Previously, Tao was also spotted by fans in California. According to reports he was receiving treatment and plans to pursue his studies.

TAO mobile game

Later, he was seen endorsing a Chinese mobile game “Chao Shen Zhan Dui” and have attended an opening event for the mobile game.

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