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It seems there has been a lot of poking and prodding at EXO members Lay and Tao; rumors of Tao leaving EXO have surfaced yet again, following a report from China’s largest video site iQiyi on April 16, which stated, “EXO’s Chinese member Tao is briefly resting due to an injury, stated bySM Entertainment during a recent variety program but it has been confirmed that Tao has expressed his desire to cancel his contract with SM.”

On the hype of this report was a tidal wave of visitors to Chinese social networking site Weibo, making Tao to the top of Weibo’s “most searched” list.

Tao has thus far been unable to perform due to his ankle injury with EXO during “Call Me Baby” promotions , but earlier expressed during a press conference that he has recovered a lot, and is upset that he hasn’t been able to perform.

Later on, SM Entertainment has denied the rumors about EXO Tao in a statement to Star News: “The Chinese media report from April 16 about EXO’s Tao canceling his contract with SM is groundless.”

In the midst of rumors and reports surrounding Tao, claiming that he will be leaving EXO, he has personally spoken up in response to a fan’s message through his Instagram, according to Korean reports.

On April 17, a screen-captured image of a conversation between Tao and a fan via direct message on Instagram began to spread across various online communities. In his response, Tao clearly stated his position, promising that he will not be leaving his group.

The fan wrote, “I don’t [know] if you will see this [but] I really need to say this. You [will] not leave right? Just tell me [you] won’t. [Please] I’m begging you. You promised right?? Don’t break that promise. I will believe in you so do the best thing. I love you [sic].”

In his reply to this message, Tao assured, “Yes I won’t, just believe in me.”