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Taiwanese media outlet CTV reveals the reason behind their footage on MBC’s “Idol Star Athletics Championships,” which was obtained without any permission.

The Taiwanese media outlet has been said to have went into the filming set of the show in order to take footage of TWICE member Tzuyu.

The TWICE member has recently caught up in a nationality controversy after Chinese netizens have reacted and criticized her for waving a Taiwanese flag on a segment of the show, “My Little Television.”

On January 19, the media outlet posted a statement on their Facebook account revealing the reason behind their footage. CTV writes, “The citizens of Taiwan have garnered a lot of interest in TWICE’s Tzuyu following the controversy. The citizens are very concerned of Tzuyu. As members of the media, we want to report on Tzuyu’s current situation for the viewers.” The media outlet also wanted to check if Tzuyu was really participating in TWICE’s official activities.

They also reveal, “We would pay the outmost caution regarding filming regulations and face others with a humble attitude.”

However, MBC, the broadcast station of the event, has revealed that as a general rule, domestic and international media outlets are not allowed to film nor report on the event.

TWICE’s management agency JYP Entertainment, has also revealed that they did not receive any kind of formal requests to cover the event from the said media outlet.

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