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A member from girl group Tahiti has been revealed to have earned no income in four years since their debut.

In the recent broadcast of JTBC’s “Mom is Watching”, a mother who has an idol daughter has been featured. She reveals her worries for her daughter’s popularity and income.

The idol daughter has been revealed to be Ari who is the youngest member of the group Tahiti. Her mother decided to make an appearance on the show to be able to find out what she does in her daily life and the reason why she is rarely seen on the television despite being an idol member.

Ari’s mother have revealed that her daughter has worked hard for four years since their debut, however she has not yet earned any income.

Her mother reveals, “Whenever I say that my daughter is a member of an idol group, people would usually think that she has earned a lot of money. However, after working hard for four years, she still has not earned anything yet.”


Ari confesses her sadness for being an unrecognized singer despite the difficulties that she has encountered.

“I was really happy that I would be able to perform in a music show, however, just a day before our filming, a representative from the show have called the group and asked us to shorten our song down to only two minutes. I felt very sad that we didn’t have an opportunity to be able to show a proper performance,” Ari reveals while bursting into tears.