Home » Taeyeon shows off her tummy on Instagram saying she gained weight


On her recently updated Instagram SONE‘s favorite Girls’ Generation  leader posted an erratic picture that viewers  cackle loudly and kept asking questions.

From the post , it shows Taeyeon an exposed tummy that has a decoration of tangerine peels.  With the tummy’s belly button and with the tangerine peel, it looks like an emoji .. likewise  she uses a surprised emoji , and says nothing more.

A photo posted by TaeYeon (@taeyeon_ss) on Dec 12, 2014 at 5:29pm PST

Taeyeon replied in the comments, “It’s my tummy of course, whose tummy would it be? ^^.” She  also commented, “I seem to have gained weight to prepare for hibernation. Eat a lot of tangerines please. Everyone, recharge with vitamins!“, and “My tummy doesn’t have a mark. It’s on my side dummy^^”, holding a cute mini Q&A session with her fans.