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BIGBANG Taeyang’s brother actor Dong Hyun Bae explains why he was disappointed after seeing Taeyang’s girlfriend Min Hyo Rin in real life.

On the recent episode of talk show “Radio Star,” Dong Hyun Bae appeared as a guest and talks about his brother’s girlfriend actress Min Hyo Rin.

The MCs tell Dong Hyun Bae, “We heard that you were very disappointed after seeing Min Hyo Rin in person.”

The actor then responds, “That is not what I meant. I hope that my brother does not misunderstand.”

Dong Hyun Bae then goes to reveal, “I am a fan of Min Hyo Rin. I watch all of her photo shoots, films and dramas. However, when I met Min Hyo Rin for the first time, she was dressed a bit plainly and was not that fancy like how I imagined her to be in my fantasy. That was why I was disappointed.”

Dong Hyun Bae 2

MC Yoon Jong Shin then asks him, “Is Taeyang doing well with Min Hyo Rin?”

Dong Hyun Bae then responds, “Yes. They are currently going well.”

Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin went public with their relationship since June of 2015. It was also revealed that the two first met on the filming of Taeyang’s music video “1AM” back in 2013.

Meanwhile, Taeyang’s brother Dong Hyun Bae, who has recently signed with MGB Entertainment, is known for his roles on the dramas, “Holy Land” and “Shut Up: Flower Boy Band.” He is also known for his role on the film, “Commitment,” and the musical “Grease.”