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Girls Generation’s sub unit Taetiseo held a private fan signing event on October 1 following the controversy on Jessica and Girls Generation.

The day after Girls Generation’s fan meet held at China, the girls returned to Korea in the morning and Taetiseo‘s Taeyeon, Seohyun and Tiffany went straight to their fan signing event at Cheonryang-ri, Seoul.


Fan accounts from different social networking sites that was present in the event stated that Taeyeon was shedding tears and told fans :

“From the very beginning, all we’ve wanted to do was protect Girls’ Generation. We’re sorry. Please believe in us one more time. We will make sure only good things happen from now on.”

With these statement that Taeyeon said, her co-member Seohyun also could not hold back her tears.

Because of this fan sign event and the words said by Taeyeon, it drew attention to the media and the public relating to the latest controversy on Jessica’s departure from Girls Generation.

Up till now, we only have statements of each side, Jessica and SM Entertainment. We still don’t have an update on what will happen to Jessica from now on.

Stay tuned and we’ll keep you update about this issue^^