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WINNER member Taehyun revealed to be leaving the group due to mental health issues.

The group’s management agency, YG Entertainment, has released an official statement regarding Taehyun and WINNER. They revealed:

“WINNER, who has announced to have their comeback this year, unfortunately, had to have a temporary hiatus because of Nam Taehyun’s mental health issues. YG and the rest of the members looked forward and considered Nam Tae Hyun’s recovery first and foremost.

But, it is a mental issue that he has struggled with since he was still young, his recovery and return are unpredictable. Therefore, we determined that it would be impossible for him to carry on with his promotions with WINNER.

We are official announcing that as of November 18, our contract with Nam Taehyun has come to an end. We believe that the pressure on Nam Taehyun in causing issues to the group should not be halting the promotions of WINNER who is only a group of 2 years.

Nam Taehyun could no longer be with WINNER, but, we wish for the members to remain colleagues who could give support to each other’s individual music promotions.

YG plans to officially start preparing for WINNER’s comeback with the remaining 4 members without any new addition to the group. Please give great support and encouragement to Nam Taehyun and WINNER who is facing a new start as a group of 4.”

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