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Epik High‘s Tablo reveals why he and his daughter Haru left “Superman Returns.”

On a recent interview with new outlet Ilgan Sports, Tablo talks about his family and new label.

Tablo was asked why he and Haru decided to leave on the popular KBS variety show “Superman Returns,” he then comments, “Sometimes, we re-watch the show. I like that there is a record that we would have never been able to take. If parents were to film with their camcorder, there would be a lot of things which would be missed, however, for us, there is a record which we can turn back to. I like that we can remember and look back at it, just like a photo album. Nowadays, whenever I watch ‘Superman Returns’ with Haru, we would go back to the places that she enjoyed.”

He was then asked if it was hard for Haru’s childhood being revealed when she got older, Tablo then responded, “I talked a lot with Haru and we also asked a doctor. 100% of the reason why we left ‘Superman Returns’ is because Haru wanted to stop. I played with Haru a lot even when we were not filming. It seemed like she was uncomfortable when the cameras, producer and writer came once a month. Since they had to change videotapes, the flow of playing would be interrupted. Haru told me ‘We can play even without the camera.’ Thus, there was no reason to keep on doing it.”

Tablo family

Meanwhile, Tablo also reveals that he and his wife actress Kang Hye Jung are not yet sure whether or not they would be having more children.