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T-ARA members reveal their thoughts about the ups and downs of their career.

On the group’s recent interview, the members talk about their comeback song, “TIAMO,” and looks back on their career.

Hyomin shared, “Rather than being a ‘confession’ song, ‘TIAMO’ is more of a ‘reply’ song.”

“We wanted to respond with thanks to all of our fans,” she added.

Eunjung then said that they have gone through difficult times because of the scandals and rumors. To this, Hyomin commented, “I think that we have lived a good life so far. We say this among ourselves sometimes. People go through difficult things in life, not just celebrities. Since we were together, we were able to become mature together.”

Soyeon then shared, “We have spent most of our 20’s as a part of T-ARA. They say that the memories of your 20’s will stay with you forever and ours is filled with T-ARA moments.”

With regards to their recent promotions in China, Hyomin stated, “I think that we are a very lucky group. We have made our debut in Korea during a time that there were so much girl groups and still received a lot of love. We also got to debut in Japan at the height of the ‘Hallyu’ wave and right now we get calls for Chinese appearances as well.”

Eunjung then added, “It was not something which we have planned. However, we just went with the flow and got positive results. I think that we will continue to do that in the future.”