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Rapper Swings writes an update regarding his health on Instagram.

On November 25, Swings wrote on his Instagram account an update regarding his health as well as a promotional photo for the episode of “Linchpins – Lucy.

He writes, “I am doing well these days. I have gained weight and weigh more now than I did when I did my military service, so do not worry about me. It is cold so be careful of catching a cold and like what I have said in the past, I will update you on Swings soon. I always appreciate everybody’s energy and time.”

SWINGS INSTAThe update made by the rapper was due to the fans’ concern on his weight loss after the rapper uploaded a photo of himself on the SNS site.

Previously, Swings was discharged early from his military service due to mental health reasons.

The rapper is said to have undergone depression and mood swings during his time in the military which became worse when he was in a lot of stress, as a result he applied to be considered as unfit for duty.

Since being discharged, Swings has been focusing on his treatment have not become active in the entertainment industry.

He is known for the songs, “A Real Lady,” and “That You’re Mine.” He is also known for becoming a contestant in the second season of Mnet’s rap survival show “Show Me The Money” and by becoming a judge for the third season of the program.


Stay tuned for more update on Swings!